Danny Dorling at the RGS (November2013)This is a website for people interested in books
or papers
by Danny Dorling of the University of Oxford, but who are put off by long lists. It provides links to on-line material for many of his books, sample chapters, graphics and data files. It shows what is new and provides a repository of what is old.

In the publications section, each publication or book is shown alongside two related publications. Switch to view one of those two related publications, and a link is shown back to the first publication, but a third new piece of writing is revealed. The website can be navigated in this way in an infinite loop, or can be searched for keywords using the box top right. There is also a short biography and CV of Danny, his upcoming public talks and recordings of past talks, some video clips, and a list of links to websites that relate to Danny’s work.

Most recent updates from the news section:

  • Only Dreamers See the Future

    It is no coincidence that Thomas More set Utopia on an island. He was a teenager when the Americas were discovered, a time when the world learned that more was possible than we knew.

  • Public Health was declining rapidly before the Brexit vote

    Self-reported health had been progressively declining year on year since 2010. In the years before 2010 up to 70% of the population were somewhat, mostly, or completely satisfied with their health and there was no downwards or upwards trend.

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